Pokesdown Not Part Of 'Three Towns' Fundingpokesdown station

The decision to spend council money on Bournemouth Station is a bitter blow for Pokesdown (see Echo article). Why has Pokesdown station been left out again as more money from Three Towns is frittered away? 
The need to focus on areas where growth can be achieved has been ignored. Commuters, tourists and residents will grow in places like Pokesdown, Southbourne and Boscombe. 

Pokesdown Community Forum has been working hard over the past 12 months to improve the local station. Our priority has rightly been to address the accessibility issue at the station with certain sections of the community not being able to use the station due to the lack of lifts. However, the station itself is seriously run down with poor lighting and seating, and a depressing entrance area. Many have also raised the fact that they don't feel safe using the station during the hours of darkness. 

What about improving the gateway to the eastern side of town and all that it has to offer to residents and visitors alike? Ian Kalra is quoted in The Echo as saying "As part of the Three Towns Travel initiative we want to make the Travel Interchange more welcoming for visitors and those living and working in the area". There is more to Bournemouth than the very centre, and it seems this is forgotten.

It should also not be forgotten that Pokesdown Station is heavily used by travelling fans visiting AFC Bournemouth, tourists for Southbourne and Boscombe, as well as people visiting events such as the Air Show. In it's current state, what kind of impression is it creating for those stepping off the train?

Unfortunately Bournemouth Council have missed the real needs of local communities such as Pokesdown. It leaves us asking what might have been achieved with some of the Three Towns Money? Is there some sort of hidden agenda for the future of Pokesdown?

You can do one easy thing and that is sign our petition to make the station accessible. As for the future of this station, and the wider area, we will do our upmost to protect and enhance it even if others aren't.



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