Petition Handed Over

pokesdown station
Here are some pics from last night at Pokesdown Station. Thanks to all who came along with buggies, double buggies, crutches, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, luggage, shopping trolleys...and even a cello!

The petition was handed over to Tobias Ellwood, MP, who said just how impressed he was with the number of people in the local community who had turned out to show their support. The petition will be handed over to SWT and The Secretary of State.

Sadly neither SWT or the Echo were able be there, but Tobias asked everyone to return to the station soon in the future, when the Secretary of State for Transport, Stephen Hammond MP, who has said he will visit Pokesdown himself.

Please watch this space for details of when this will be! In the meantime it has been confirmed the petition will remain open.

pokesdown stationpokesdown station


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