The Case For Pokesdown Station

We have been busy building a case for making Pokesdown Station accessible. You can download the full document, but the key highlights are below. This will be used as a basis when members of the forum and Access Dorset meet The Minister for Transport, Baroness Kramer. It is also being sent to Network Rail and South West Trains.

Lower Footfall At Other Stations Receiving Funding
There are numerous stations around the country receiving major funding for accessibility which have a lower footfall than Pokesdown.
  • Henley-In-Arden has just had two lifts installed despite only having 123,000 passengers per year. 
  • Machynlleth is having two lifts installed (just 130,000 passengers per year use this station) 
  • Ystard Mynach two lifts and new bridge access (312k passengers). 
There Will Be a Significant Growth If Accessibility Is Improved
There is clear evidence from other stations that have received accessibility work there will be a 15-20% increase in passenger numbers. That is at least 66,000 additional passengers per year.

Over £340,000 Revenue Growth Per Year
Based on existing figures for average tickets prices there will be £341,000 increase in revenue per year with the growth in passengers predicted. Even based on Network Rail's inflated costings payback could be achieved for SWT within 5 years.

Unlike other stations the economic impact on the local economy is expected to be bigger with no precedent for a tourist station needing funding.

pokesdown stationpokesdown station


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