Apologies for the delay in your monthly Trumpet, and now only just scraping through with April! Truth is there’s too much news and no time to report it! I definitely need the services of an unpaid enthusiastic secretary/reporter/researcher, any offers? I thought not.If this unfortunate occurrence should happen again please do visit our facebook page where you will find more up to date local news and comments, and have your say!! 


You should already have details of our first Summer market May 2nd, stalls still only £5 but going fast.  We’re buying 2 more gazebos for you to hire at only £5 if you’ve booked a stall.  Contact Julia pokesdown.cfmarkets@yahoo.co.uk if you wish to hire one for other occasions, cost will be more than for our own market.Book a stall for May and you might be one of the lucky ones to have a stall at the July 4th steam fair in Kings Park. Only room for 10 stalls on site and they will all be Pokesdown Comunity Forum regulars at the same price of £5.  If the steam fair attracts a good crowd it could become a regular event.


We had a productive meeting with Bournemouth’s new Head of Planning Andrew England and another meeting with our new Housing Officer Emma Ryan,  we came away feeling positive about the future for Pokesdown shops.We’re due to have a meeting with Caroline Peach, Heritage Officer to discuss  Pokesdown’s Historic shops being included on the Council’s Heritage List.   This will then allow us to apply for National Lottery and English Heritage grants to help traders repair and decorate their shop fronts, plus other historic features such as the iron balustrade opposite Help & Care. 


Poor Cromwell Road, what has it done to deserve another 10 flats being crammed into this road, this is on top of the big development of flats and houses proposed behind One Stop, and a recent development behind the old Cromwell Road, Town Hall.  Yes there was a town hall in Pokesdown and a Pokesdown Town Council. Planning details are on our facebook page and there will be more information before closing date for objections 22nd May. 


(Wouldn’t it be great if this heading could disappear) We’re inching forward on this front and with our 2 enthusiastic supporters in the council doing as much as they possibly can to help we might be getting somewhere.  The shop on the corner of Hannington Lane has been let, I do know what this will be but you’ll have to wait to find out. The previous tenant of this shop signed a lease and then disappeared for a couple of years.The owners of Osca’s bazaar are still trying to get their shop back, and there’s no shortage of would be tenants.Unfortunately nothing short of a miracle will get the owner of 885 to re-open his shops, but miracles do happen, watch this space!! As for 877 once again inching forward, might have some news on that soon.Pigeons are having a lovely time in 863 & 869 though, but there’s a little glimmer of hope here as well. Same with 878, we have at last managed to make contact with the caretaker who knows of a possible tenant/buyer. 


The prospect of Pokesdown having their own Neighbourhood Plan has re-surfaced, talks are in progress but nothing definite to report yet.  


Until the election is over the meeting with SW Trains is on hold. What will give the station a big boost is if THE CHERRIES WIN THEIR NEXT TWO MATCHES!! AND GO UP A LEAGUE.  This will bring hundreds of away supports to Bournemouth, they’ll get off at Pokesdown and will need lifts, especially on their way home!!!!


Peter Ryan runs this Bournemouth group and it’s gaining support as it’s popularity grows.  This is a fun way to spend a couple of hours. You can contact Peter by emailing pickupyourlitter@btinternet.com or google Dorset Devils. 


This has been a great success and now the posts are painted green it blends in nicely.  The plants love it and have grown in leaps and bounds since not being trampled on or used as a dogs toilet.There hasn’t been time to start work on the East Green this year, but the wild flower seeds sewn last week are beginning to germinate and should give a colourful display early summer.  There will also be another P.C. Forum wild flower meadow opposite Kings Park Nursery and on Pokesdown Green you will be able to see my crazy recyled orange box wild flower show.  Eat your heart out Chelsea! Visit facebook www.facebook.com/PokesdownCommunityForum for pictures of Andy Carol, Julia and yours truly gardening. 

Pam P.C. Forum  


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