Pokesdown Newsletter October 2015






Police & Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill

If you would like the opportunity for your observations, comments, experiences, questions good or bad on Policing in Pokesdown, either come to our next Residents Meeting on Monday 16th November, at the Metroplolitan Community Church, Hanningtron Road, tea & coffee 7.00 p.m for 7.30 p.m start, or send your questions to pokesdown.cf@gmail.com, Facebook or twitter.  No names will be read out at the meeting or forwarded to others. Crime Commissioners can influence how our local police deal with crime.  If you feel it will be a waste of time that’s a relevant statement in itself! and should be put to the commissioner, others might feel the same. All questions will be read out by one of the committee and are already being asked. Questions will be put to the commissioner regardless of you attending the meeting but it would be great if you could be there, that in itself will make a statement.  

Christchurch Road Christmas Decorations

The Pokesdowm decorations are due to go up on the lamp columns along Christchurch Rd towards the end of this week and we understand they will be used for Halloween, Christmas, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day events, as well as others as and when needed. All due to Stefan Krause on behalf of the Coastal Bid.  

Pokesdown in Bloom

Don’t forget your 2016 Pokesdown Calendar & Envelope, send to relatives and friends for Christmas, only £2.50 from 836 Pokesdown Post Office, 872 The Attic, 903 Material Things, all in Christchurch Road.  All monies go towards the cost of the calendars and for the upkeep of your two greens.Pokesdown Pixie stickers for your shop window/car windscreen are nearly ready and will be made available soon, and they are free!! 


Carnival Market time is coming! 
Sunday 22nd November in The Bell and on Pokesdown Green. 12 noon till 4pm. 
Retail therapy and relaxation while you watch the Boscombe carnival gather on the green.
Contact Julia mailto:pokesdown.cfmarkets@yahoo.co.uk if you would like a stall ASAP, still only £5. 


Little Pickle Deli is extending into the shop next door with no interruption in trade.  Others are waiting to sign their lease. I’m told the empty Chorley Burdett shop has been let, but we don’t know to who.  Think this must be correct as it was told to me by someone who wanted to rent it but were too late.  


The promised work on Pokesdown’s East Green has started and a new fence to match the West Green is now in place. Trees and shrubs have been pruned back and the planting of woodland foxgloves, snowdrops, natural primroses, daffodils, and natural bluebells has already started, and there will be old logs for wildlife and bird and bat boxes. Rosebery Road Billboard Green is also being planted with foxgloves and spring bulbs.   Your membership and Calendar money pays for the maintenance of the green and for new plants/bulbs.  £3 membership and £2.50 for a calendar is no more than a cup of coffee and piece of cake, and lasts longer!! 

Station Campaign News

Will update you all soon, but please be ready to lobby our MP! If you haven't emailed him yet, please read here.


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