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Part Time Secretary Required

Hours: Up to 5 hours a week
Pay: £8- £12 depending on experience (Contract to be self-employed)
Responsible to: Working group
Manager; Harry Seccombe
Line Manager: Martha Covell technical advisor

Main Tasks:
1. Schedule and confirm appointments for members or supervisors.
2. Arrange consultation events and meetings.
3. Compose, type, and distribute meeting notes, routine correspondence, and reports
4. Open, read, route, answer and distribute incoming emails and other material, and
prepare answers to routine enquiries.
5. Answer routine emails and liaise with membership secretary
6. Distribute consultation material via. Email and other electronic means.
7. Mail newsletters, promotional material, and other information via. email and other
social media.
8. Maintain scheduling and event calendars.
9. Greet visitors at consultation events and keep an accurate record of attendees.
10. Make copies of correspondence and other printed material
11. Establish work procedures and schedules, and keep track of the daily work.
12. Learn to operate new office technologies as they are developed and implemented.
13. Use computers for spreadsheet, word processing, and database management.
14. Manage the Facebook and Twitter accounts and work with technical assistance to
ensure that the web site is up to date at all times. Upload meeting notes to web site etc.
15. Work with volunteers to distribute physical consultation material.

Essential Skills and Effectiveness:
1. Demonstrable computer literacy and IT skills.
2. Demonstrable communication skills.
3. Assertion skills, i.e. able to determine and use behaviour, which is appropriate to the situation, and to
exercise tact and diplomacy.
4. Self motivated and able to see tasks through to a successful conclusion, meeting challenging deadlines
whilst maintaining attention to detail
5. Administrative skills, i.e. a thorough organised approach to work with the ability to prioritise and
manage workloads
6. Contributing successfully to effective team working, in a calm and relaxed manner, with the ability to
prioritise workloads to meet deadlines
7. Demonstrable commitment to customer/client focus
8. Ability to demonstrate initiative, innovation and flexibility in methods of working and achieving

Dorset residents surveyed about future public service delivery

A major public consultation on the future shape of
local government in Dorset will be launched on 30th August 2016.

Residents, along with businesses and other
stakeholders, will be asked to give their views on a range of options proposed
by all nine Dorset councils to address the unprecedented financial pressure on
local services across the county.  

The eight-week public consultation, called
Reshaping Your Councils, will run until 25 October 2016 and is being run
independently by research company Opinion Research Services. Questionnaires
will be sent to 20,000 households across Dorset.  They will also be available online for anyone to complete,
at a dedicated website, as well as being
available in libraries.  Residents will be able to talk to staff and
councillors about the consultation at a series of over 40 public roadshows which
will be held at locations across Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole, starting on 30th
August at the Co-Op in Corfe Mullen between 10am and 2pm. Locations and dates
of all roadshows are available on the website.

The options for consultation are:

1. Retaining all nine councils

(Bournemouth Borough Council, Christchurch
Borough Council, Dorset County Council, East Dorset District Council, North
Dorset District Council, Poole Borough Council, Purbeck Borough Council, West
Dorset District Council, and Weymouth & Portland Borough Council).

2. Creating two new unitary councils for Dorset covering either:

2a. Large conurbation: Bournemouth, Poole,
Christchurch and East Dorset, and the services currently delivered by Dorset
County Council in this area; and Small
Dorset: North Dorset, Purbeck, West Dorset and Weymouth & Portland, and
the services currently delivered by Dorset County Council in this area;


2b. Medium conurbation: Bournemouth, Poole
and Christchurch, and the services currently delivered by Dorset County Council
in this area; and Medium Dorset:
East Dorset, North Dorset, Purbeck, West Dorset and Weymouth & Portland,
and the services currently delivered by Dorset County Council in this area;


2c. Small conurbation: Bournemouth and
Poole; and

Large Dorset: Christchurch, East Dorset, North Dorset, Purbeck,
West Dorset and Weymouth & Portland, and the services currently delivered
by Dorset County Council in this area.

Dorset’s councils receive £142million less per year
in government funding today than they did in 2010/11 and must have reduced
costs by £200million per year by 2019/20. An independent financial assessment by
Local Partnerships estimates that, even with these budget reductions by
2019/20, the nine councils must reduce costs by a further £30.4million by 2025,
meaning that valued public services would suffer even greater cuts beyond
2019/20.  This is why councils are now
considering change.

Dorset councils commissioned Local Partnerships to
look at the potential savings and costs of options for reorganising local
government across the county. A two unitary council model would save a total of
£108million over the first six years, based on the financial modelling
conducted by Local Partnerships.  
The one-off transition costs to replace the existing nine councils with
two unitary councils would be around £25million.

Cllr Anthony Alford, Vice-Chairman of the Dorset
Leaders’ Growth Board said: “Dorset’s nine councils collectively spend
£920million a year delivering services to our local residents. These Councils
receive £142m per annum less Government funding today than they did in 2010/11.
Over the next two years to April 2019 a further £52m will need to be saved to
balance further funding cuts and service pressures.  Therefore, by 2019/20, Dorset’s councils will need to have reduced
their annual spending by almost £200m since 2010/11.  

“Despite all our hard work to make our councils more
efficient and protect frontline services, the financial reality is that the current
structure of local government is not sustainable. A further £30.4million less
will be available to spend per annum between 2019 and 2025 and the harsh
reality is that many services will have to change drastically, or even stop
altogether if savings cannot be made.

“It is now essential that change is considered in
order to minimise cuts to services beyond 2019/20, and ensure councils are
sustainable for the future. We want to hear the views of local people before
any decisions are made.”

Tony Williams, Chief Executive of Bournemouth
Borough Council and lead officer for the public consultation, said: “The Local
Partnerships report is a significant milestone in our collective journey to
reform local government throughout Dorset. It provides Dorset’s nine councils
with a firm financial basis to consult with residents, businesses and key
stakeholders on the future of local government in the county.” He added, “All
councils are committed to an extensive public consultation and are keen that
local people have their say. Every single resident in Dorset has the chance to
have their say.  By contacting 20,000 directly, and making the questionnaire available to any Dorset resident or
interested party, we are confident that anyone who would like to have a say will
have an opportunity to do so and to influence the final recommendation.”

Following the consultation, all nine councils will
then decide whether to present of a full business case for local government
reform to the Government early next year, based on the results of the consultation,
the independent financial analysis and a detailed case for change. If agreed,
new councils would begin delivering services from April 2019, with elections in
May 2019.

For more information or to complete the online
questionnaire, please visit
(from 30th August).

Boscombe and Pokesdown Neighbourhood Plan

We as part of the community have the opportunity to make ourselves heard,
get involved to change things and get to know the area better.

In order for the Neighbourhood Plan to move forward, we need to hear
your views and priorities as a resident and/or where you work in Pokesdown.

There's a short survey on the new website that we'd appreciate for you
to complete by the end of August 2016:

Below is a link to a free-to-attend event, that would be valuable for the local business community.


CHRIS WILSON has recently started a Surgery in the library on a two weekly basis
starting from today (26 April 2016) and it will be every other Tuesday. Times will be
1430-1500. The next 3 dates for this surgery are: 26/04/16, 24/05/16 and 07/06/16

PS Colin NEVE will still be holding his 2 weekly meeting with the next 3 dates being:
05/05/16, 19/05/16 and 02/06/16 at 10 am. 



Dear Sir/Madam

Please click on the link below to view details of the Scotter Road Closure for Development Works Sewer Connection which is due to come into effect on 19th April 2016 until 22nd April 2015.

Please click on the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the map to view the relevant dates.

If you have any queries regarding the above you can contact us by emailing

Bournemouth Borough Council
Traffic Management Team

Public Exhibition at AFC Bournemouth 17th March 2016

The exhibition was very busy and informative. There’s general publicity available from the Daily Echo, but here are some of the key facts gleaned by Ben Smith from the exhibition itself.

  • There will be an increase to 14,500 seats which adds about 3,000.
  • This will still be the smallest top flight ground by some way.
  • There’s unlikely to be any increase in away fans.
  • The increase also focuses on providing better facilities including disabled facilities.

As part of the application, there is a travel plan designed by an advisor to Fulham.  Match day traffic management wasn’t covered, but hopefully the club will work with Yellow Buses on promotions. There will also be a rewards system for car shares and people will be encouraged to use the extra car parks provided. At present, theses schemes aren’t used. There’s a car park with 200 spaces
that usually only gets 20 cars in, so the new capacity would probably be easily used here.

Regarding trains, the club is working with SWT as part of a plan to reschedule trains to ensure they time with matches. There is no specific news beyond this, but there is a clear commitment to work with both stations.

Quite a bit of effort has gone into thought for disabled fans. It will be a massive improvement with a significant increase in higher-level disabled access seats. It will put other clubs to shame. It also adds more weight to the need for better access to Pokesdown train station.

Overall it does seem relatively modest, but can be completed very quickly. It is possible if planning goes through to have it completed for next season.

As a fan there isn’t anything to upset anyone in this with the mitigating factors of travel plans. The extra capacity will, of course, provide a huge boost to the traders, pubs and cafes in the area. There is talk or rumours over what the long term plans are, but hopefully the club plans to stay in Kings Park. This (if granted) clearly is high quality so probably looks like they want to. The plans will be submitted in around 10 days from 17 March 2016.


York Place - Unsafe Structure (No. 48)

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Council of the Borough of Bournemouth, under provisions contained
in the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended and the Traffic Management Act 2004 has resolved for
a maximum period of 21 days:

To prohibit all traffic proceeding on York Place, from its junction with Warwick Road to its junction with
Hannington Place.

Scaffold erection is to be executed on the highway for roofing repairs by Quality 1st Building Services
Ltd. because of the likelihood of danger to the public or serious damage to the road.

The diversion will be via Warwick Road, Christchurch Road and Hannington Place. Access to neighboring
properties will be maintained in line with works progress and site safety.

It is anticipated this notice will operate from 2nd April 2016 to 23rd April 2016.

A further extension could be made by Notice or Order until the works are complete and 'danger' has

View at:

Please click on the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the map to view the relevant dates.
The Council regrets any inconvenience to the public caused by this temporary prohibition.
Date authorised: 1st April 2016
Planning, Transport and Regulation, Town Hall Annexe, St.Stephen's Road, Bournemouth BH2 6EA

Click on the link below to have your say about local policing.

The Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner's latest newsletter is now available. 
Find out more about Restorative Justice, the recent volunteer awards, how drones
will be used by the police in future and how £2m worth of local community safety
money was distributed over the last year.

Proud to Care - recruitment event in Boscombe - Thurs 7 April 2016

The Council is hosting a recruitment event in Boscombe’s Sovereign Centre
on Thursday, 7 April 2016 to help promote professional home care work to
local residents.

The recruitment event is part of the Council’s Proud to Care campaign – to
promote the good work of home care workers across Bournemouth and encourage
others to consider home care as a career.

Proud to Care poster

Volunteer Required

Voluntary Grant/Funding Application Researcher

Pokesdown Community Forum is a growing network of residents and for those working in Pokesdown. We are committed to improving the local area through community engagement, development and regeneration.

Due to the expansion in potential funding available to support our work to benefit the Pokesdown community, we are looking for a motivated and experienced volunteer to actively research and support the application process. We would welcome applications from all sectors,
including students and the retired who have experience in this field.

Hours to be discussed and flexible. We are committed to equal opportunities for all. For an informal discussion and further details, please contact: POKESDOWN COMMUNITY FORUM
Closing Date: 24 March 2016

Parking Restrictions Proposed

The Council are currently proposing to introduce/amend a number of parking restrictions across the borough. The formal consultation on these starts today and can be found at:

If you click on 'traffweb' and then 'have your say' this will take you to the list of roads and will tell you exactly what is being proposed and where on the map opposite. I've had a quick look but note the following which will be of interest to residents:-

  • Clarence Pk Road - Proposed Loading Bay
  • Southbourne Grove/Seabourne Rd junction - Proposed No Waiting At Anytime
  • Fishermans Avenue - Proposed 1 hour parking 9am-6pm opposite the toilets
  • Beresford Rd/Southbourne Grove junction - Proposed No Waiting At Anytime
  • Seabourne Rd - Proposed Loading Bay / 1 hour parking 8am-6pm outside JC Produce
  • Wolverton Rd - Proposed Residential Disabled Bay
  • Christchurch Rd west of junction with Holdenhurst Avenue - Proposed 2 hour parking 8am-6pm Mon-Sat

Rosebery Park Baptist Craft Fair:


PC Martin Underhill is coming to Pokesdown

16th November 2015, 7.30pm at MCC Church, Hannington Rd.

We need your questions to be included as a Resident or Trader in Pokesdown regarding current policing and crime concerns. Please email us your views and comments on Facebook & Twitter.

Southbourne Grove Roadworks

Roadworks start towards Southbourne on 1st September:

From Bournemouth Council: "The entire project is expected to be completed by February 2016 with a break over the Christmas period from Monday 7th December until Monday 4th January 2016. Pedestrian access will be maintained to all businesses and any work required outside entrances will be notified and agreed in advance with the frontager. 

During the first phase of construction, Wentworth Ave will be closed between Fisherman’s Ave and Southbourne Grove for approximately 6 weeks from 7th September and diversion routes put in place. Subsequently a similar closure will be implemented in Beresford Rd to enable works to be completed across the junction. 

Southbourne Grove will not be subject to any full road closures although there will be 2 short term lane closures and temporary signals required during the final stages when the road is re-surfaced."

Pokesdown Calendar 2016

Available now, the calendar is just £2.50 from shops in Pokesdown (including the Post Office), or buy online including P&P for £3.50.

Pokesdown calendarPokesdown calendar

New Shop Foils 

You may have noticed but the shops blighted by absent landlords have seen a minor spruce up. If only these shops were permanently reopened? Ideally we would like to see the landlords come forward and get these shops open, or the shop compulsory purchased. However, this is a massive improvement. This initiative is financed by your local businesses via the Bournemouth Coastal BID. Any interested proprietor should contact their 

shop front pokesdown

Pokesdown Primary Looking For Governors

Pokesdown Primary are looking for governors: "We became an Academy in 2013 and are currently recruiting new trustees (school governors) to our board. At the moment we have vacancies for a parent governor and a community governor. School governance is a great way of supporting the local community from a position where we really can make a difference and people with a local connection often have ideal skill sets to offer a governing body." 
If you are interested please email Jo at Pokesdown School.

CCTV (added 08 June)pokesdown windows

There have been significant increases in damage to shops along Christchurch Rd. At least 10 incidents of shop windows being smashed have been recorded recently. For many traders this is not covered by insurance.  In addition plants from the Green have been stolen over the last weekend. With the issues of anti social behaviour becoming a concern we have requested that mobile or permanent CCTV be installed.

The council have not been willing to help citing costs and technical reasons. This is a real shame considering the large numbers of cameras in Boscombe and the Town Centre. 

We would like to know if you have seen or suffered any anti-social behaviour as we know many of the broken windows have gone unreported. Whether it is vandalism, theft, drug dealing. We need to build as much evidence as possible. 

Work continues on the latest shop in Pokesdown. Two Little Mockingbirds will be opening later in June, but you can always follow them on twitter for latest updates @MockingbirdsTwo. The next market is on Sat 06 June. Latest details on our market page.

Pokesdown Green

If you hadn't seen Pam and many of the helpers have been busy improving the Green with a new fence and plenty of planting. Well done all.

Don't forget that the next public meeting will be taking place on 18th June.

Latest News (added 17 May)

Along with Salvage Hunters filing in Pokesdown (see below), there's news that ongoing work by residents and the Pokesdown committee to campaign against the latest development in Cromwell Rd is gathering pace. See our planning section for details. 

Thank you to everyone who donated at the last Pokesdown Market. We raised £68 for the disaster appeal in Nepal. 

Filming in Pokesdown

filming at noah salvage hunters

Salvage Hunters were spotted in Pokesdown recently. Noah Valentine was the location for filming. 

I'm sure there will be more news soon but great news for the shop!

Appeal For Volunteers

We are looking for people to come forward and get involved in Pokesdown and help on the forum. If you have any time to help or any skills that can help please drop us a line.

Hedgehog Week

Following the hugely popular messages on our Facebook page, there are a couple of posters available to download. It's apparently hedgehog week so have a look. Poster One, Poster Two

New Sign Causing Debatepokesdown sign

As part of the cross town signage Pokesdown has become home to a new sign. Initially this was met warmly, although it didn't take long to spot the mistakes. Firstly the Bell has been incorrectly called The Seabournes, a name it dropped last year. This is disappointing for the iconic pub. It has also been pointed out that you can apparently walk to Southbourne within just 3 minutes. If you thought this might be based on a the pace of a super hero, it is more likely just another mistake as 13 minutes is of course more likely. The sign has a handy 5 minute radius guide which means you would probably get no further than Harcourt Road if you walked for 3 minutes. There is another error where Chorley Burdett is signposted in their old empty unit - they left this 1 year ago. So we've spotted three errors. Can you see any more? We will be passing these on.

It is great that there was so much right with this - Pokesdown Station, Pokesdown Green, but it would have been better to have at least checked facts before spending money on this.

Easter News
The Bell has a busy weekend planned. The AFCB game at 5:15 Friday will kick off the weekend with more details on their Facebook page. We expect most shops to be open Saturday but don't forget Sunday's market is cancelled. On Monday the area will be busy as AFCB play at home with The Bell also likely to be busy and also planning a BBQ.

2015 Market - Easter Market Cancelled (added 30 Mar)
Please be aware that the Easter Market in The Bell has been cancelled. Sat 02 May  is the next market - full steam ahead - already have 6 bookings and hoping for live music too! On the green, 10 till 4pm.  Contact Julia at for details. 

There has been lots of planning news, so check out our planning page. And good to see a new shop move in to Pokesdown. Pam has given this update on shops which all sounds positive: "Someone has also moved into Paul Orchard's recently vacated shop, interesting! and there's lots of measuring up and visitors to the Willis shop corner of Hannington Lane. The story is Oscer's Bazaar owner is still trying to get her shop back from Oscer on the opposite corner. We have contact details for this shop if anyone's interested Might be some filming in one of our new Pokie shops next week, our fame is spreading, when confirmed will let you know."

Empty Shops
This week the Forum committee met with the Head of Planning to discuss the problem blighting the area. We had a very positive outcome and hope there is very realistic proposal now on the table that we can hopefully work with the planning department on. As we get confirmation we will let you know but if it comes to fruition we could finally see real action.

You may wonder why there are still empty shops in Pokesdown. We have seen the number reduce dramatically over the past few years. It's not easy to answer and there are a number of issues. Usually it takes a significant amount of time for new tenants to agree and move in, so we do see 'to let' signs up for some time. In addition the slow recovery hasn't helped, but on the whole we have a great deal of interest (we get requests directed to us on a regular basis from new traders). The biggest problem are the absent or problem landlords. These are landlords who refuse to let their properties or have simply disappeared. These are some examples:

  • 878 Christchurch Rd. Large unoccupied flat over. Shop and flat in poor state of repair.  Cannot trace owner. A total of three empty shops and three unoccupied flats.
  • 885 Christchurch Road, refuses to let.
  • 863 & 869 Christchurch Rd.  Two empty shops with large flats over, unoccupied, part of Freshwater Group’s investment portfolio.
  • 877 Christchurch Rd Corner Shop top of Rosebery Road. Unable to trace owner.
  • 'Mr. Pinks' Christchurch Rd. Owner living in Spain.  No contact from owner.

Welcome To Pokesdown/Southbourne Signs (added 02 Mar)

After a long 3 year battle by Rob Saunders of Pokesdown Forum, we are delighted to hear two ‘Welcome to Pokesdown’ signs will be displayed on Christchurch Road. As part of this agreement Southbourne On Sea Buisiness Association requested a “Welcome to Southbourne” sign be erected in Pokesdown on the Seabourne Road/Ashbourne Rd junction. 

For commercial reasons, we understand a number of traders in Seabourne Road wanted to be considered part of Southbourne and in times of difficult high street conditions we respect this. 

We want to make it clear we have worked hard to rejuvenate and raise the profile of Pokesdown and it is important to protect the whole of Pokesdown. Longer term we would like to see the traditional boundary of Pokesdown signposted correctly, and it is great to see our library renamed as another step towards this. However, in the meantime for the commercial benefit of the Seabourne Road Traders we have agreed to the sign.

Latest News (updated 1 Mar)pokesdown library
Southbourne Library, which of course is in Pokesdown, has finally got some new signage and a new name. It is now called Pokesdown and Soutbourne Library which at least partially reflects where it is. Great to see.

We will be seeing the Transport Minister this week. I will be updating this site with a full update, but I have been very busy finishing off the business case that will be presented.

football pokesdown

'In Off The Far Post' has moved to a new, and much bigger premise next door. The popular football memorabilia shop is booming so pop in if you haven't yet.


Station Update (22nd Jan)
To clarify: 
  • The latest meeting with the Transport Minister due to take place this week was postponed due to a requirement to attend a Lords debate.
  • We have confirmation this was a short term postponement. However to date we have not had a new date. As soon as we know we will update everyone.
  • An interim meeting with Network Rail was arranged in London with our MP. The forum was not involved however this was described as "positive". Again, when we have confirmation of the outcome we will update.
  • We have been pushing for third party quotes for renovation of the lifts. We believe the costs quoted by Network Rail are unusually high for their own internal contractor. Network Rail have been reluctant to even grant access to the station let alone permission to inspect shafts etc. Emails have been going back and forth for some time. Finally, and we believe with help from the council, we believe that 3rd parties have now been granted access. This will be hugely important when we meet the Minister.

General News Round Up (19th Jan)seabourne road As you have probably heard, the meeting with the Transport Minister has been postponed yet again. If you want to find out more our station campaign page has all the latest news. We hope to update everyone soon and hope to hear from Network Rail before this meeting as well. 

If you have ever though about becoming a cllr then the council have announced some information sessions. A handy flyer has been produced. 

Seabourne Road 'Improvements' Cause Concern (added 10th Jan)
The changes to Seabourne Road have resulted in some controversial outcomes.

Traders on the small stretch of road from Pokesdown/Southbourne library to Hosker Road are reporting a significant fall in revenue. It looks like we may have already lost one shop. This ties in with the removal of on street parking as part of the changes.

You may think this decision was taken to ease traffic flow, but it has baffled traders who apparently weren't consulted. On street parking has been left further up Seabourne Road causing the same congestion as before, so it seems wasn't the reason. As you can see, apart from rush hour, the road is normally very quiet. 

Hopefully there will be some consultation from the council, but it looks like lots of nice tarmac and benches with no tangible improvement to traffic and a huge impact on traders. 

As part of the Three Towns travel programme major improvements were put in place across Bournemouth and Poole, resulting in major roadworks (still ongoing in some areas). 

Station Campaign (added 7th Jan)
Lots of media coverage, but more news on the meeting with The Minister can be found on the station page.

Station Campaign
Station visit: The Minister's visit to Pokesdown scheduled for Friday 5th Dec has been cancelled. We will update as soon as possible.

Misuse of Local Funds by Councillors To Be Investigated
It's been a busy week. After we investigated and broke the story on our cllrs spending local improvement money on Air Festival Hospitality The Echo also followed this up (see our original article). This widespread exposure has resulted in Bournemouth Council confirming that an audit by the "Audit and Governance Committee" is underway.

We hope common sense prevails, and the misuse is highlighted, repaid if possible and we can move on with this valuable money working as it should in the future. Ben

Station Campaign
Good news. It is now confirmed that the Minister for Transport will be coming to Pokesdown Station to meet the campaign group on 5th Dec. More news on this soon.

Dog Found & Other 'Southbourne' Updates (added 19th Nov)
The lost dog that was heavily followed on our facebook site was reported as found on the SOBO page. In addition one member is warning of suspicious people hanging around Pokesdown Primary, so be aware and report any issues to the school.

News For Cyclists (and anyone heading west)
We know a great deal of our community cycle, so worth checking this out. For everyone though be aware of the roadworks: 

The next phase of a major road scheme which will see improved cycling and walking routes along Castle Lane West gets underway next week (24 November). Delivered as part of Bournemouth Borough Council’s commitment to improving sustainable travel options across the town, the works at Castle Lane West will make travelling sustainably easier, safer and more attractive. Once complete those travelling sustainably along Castle Lane West will benefit from segregated cycle lanes, a dedicated cycle bypass giving priority at junctions, improved bus stops,  as well as faster and safer crossing facilities.  Overall the improvements will enhance the environment by removing unnecessary clutter and provide improved public space for those who live and travel in the area.

Pokesdown & Boscombe Carnival

Some of the pictures from the carnival here.

Councillors Spend Local Money At The Air Festival

We can reveal that two of our our cllrs have used local improvement money on the air festival, while another councillor has not been available. 

Pokesdown Loses Out
Unfortunately, Pokesdown Station has been snubbed by our council. More details in our latest station article.

Echo Article(added 7th Sept)
If you missed it, we have added the article on Pokesdown from 23rd August. It wasn't online so only managed to scan I'm afraid.

The Seabournes Becomes The Bell again on 8th Augustthe bell pokesdown

Yes, finally The Bell returns to Pokesdown. Well done to everyone involved.
the bell pokesdown

Friday 8th August is relaunch day, with the Mayor popping in for a pint at 11:15 and a charity presentation to Dorset Dog Rescue at 3pm. There will be activities all day from music to kids entertainment. The evening looks to have plenty going on as well.

Mardis Gras - Pokesdown & Boscombe Carnival 10th August

Full details can be found on our dedicated page - Summer Carnival

Statement on UKIP moving into an empty shop (added 3rd August)

Pokesdown Community Forum were made aware of UKIP opening an office in Pokesdown just before the Echo story. As an apolitical organisation we do not promote, endorse or support any one party, nor do we get involved in political scraps, and are fully aware that some may try to use the Forum and it’s large membership in future election campaigning. For this reason there has been no mention of UKIP, and there will be no campaigning on our website or facebook page on behalf of other parties in the run up to the election other than to inform the public of those standing in both the council and general elections.
P.C. Forum

Fundraising For Dorset Dog Rescue - The Bell Launch Day 8th August

Sam at The Seabournes...soon to be The Bell, has given us this message: I would like to collect donations of dog food/toys/chews off any of you kind enough to donate. They will be given to DORSET DOG RESCUE on our re-launch fun day at The Seabournes Bar on August 8th along with a donation from the proceeds of the day. I will be taking donations of food etc at the pub and would be so grateful!! Thanks Samantha Rose-Lowney

Improvements Around Station (added 13th July)
There's a real sense of change in the immediate area around the station. Vintage and Style now looks fantastic, and with the refurb of the empty unit by new tenants, things are looking up. Pam was out with willing volunteers on Sunday to weed and plant on the green, which is looking better than ever. It's small steps, and much of it pushed by the local community. If only South West Trains and Network Rail would play ball with their efforts (see our campaign)! 

Anyway, thank you to everyone who is doing their bit.

pokesdown vintagepokesdown vintage

Next Market is on 26th July
Our next Pokesdown Market is Sat 26th July, we already have 14 stalls booked with 9 more likely. Contact Julia at We are also holding an August Carnival Market on Sun 10th August, 11 till 3, and Boscombe Carnival will start from the green at 2pm. Fancy dress encouraged - I'm looking for face painters, jugglers, balloon shape makers etc so if you know someone, let me know by email. Should be great fun, may even be live music!

Rosebery Road Green Space Planting (added 8th July)

Pics and details of the green space makeover in front of the billboards. Rosebery Road Planting

Latest Newsletter (added 22nd June)
You can catch up on the latest news in our newsletter

Latest News (added 22nd April)
The latest newsletter is out now. Also, congratulations to The MCC which brought a first to Pokesdown in the form of the first same sex marriage in a church.

pen and ink pokesdownNew Gallery and Coffee Bar Plus Other News (added 9th Mar)

The art gallery and coffee bar is now open and it looks great inside. Pop in and check it 
out. In addition there will be more space opening soon, but for now grab a drink and check out the artwork. Open during the week, they are planning to open on Sundays as well!

You may have also seen work going on in the unit vacated by Cotton Candy. We don't know yet but will keep tabs.

If you haven't yet please sign the station petition. We have to get to 1,000 names within 4 weeks.

877 Christchurch Rd To Let (added 24th Feb)

The large unit on the corner of Rosebery Road is now available to rent. It has been for sale, but the agents have now leased it for letting. If you are interested download the details of 877.

Shop To Let

Details of the unit next to The Bell have been passed to us by the agents. If you are interested drop them a line asap.

903 Christchurch Road

Welcome to Pokesdown (added 2nd Feb)

Some new artwork has gone up at the side of Pokesdown Station. Located on the eastern side of the building this replaces the unsightly metal grill, and provides a better welcome to Pokesdown. 

Changes to Shops 
There's a few changes going on with shops in Pokesdown. What Alice Found will become a mobile shop and unfortunately the permanent base will be going. Whilst there have been a few enquiries this unit is now available. Willis Commercial are the agents, so get in contact if you interested.

Patrick Willis
Willis Commercial Ltd
Telephone: 01202 887555
Mobile: 07592 600060

AGM This Thursday (added 29th Jan)
A reminder that our AGM will be at 7.30 p.m tomorrow 30th January, at MCC Hannington Road. Free tea/coffee/biscuits will be served between 7.00 and 7.30 p.m and we are still on track for home made, baked on the day, warm bread pudding.

A representative from S.W. Trains will be there to answer your questions about Pokesdown Station.

Chief Insp. Jared Parkin  -  Police 101 Service
Insp. Chris Weeks - Local Policing Issues
Sally Turner -  ReCreate Project
Mandy Payne  -  Bournemouth Chamber of Trade & Commerce
Darryl Smith - South West Trains

Pokesdown Markets (added 27th Jan)
Our first General Market for 2014 will be on Saturday 26th April, thereafter general markets will alternate with a food market, to be held on the last Saturday of the month.

If you wish to book a stall contact Rebecca Huseyin  and answer the following questions.

General Market (Including food)
1.  Name/address/email address/telephone number/what you are selling. If you are selling food you must have an up to date hygiene certificate, see food market below. 
2.  Will you bringing your own gazebo? (no larger than 3x3m) Yes/No. Tables must be no longer than 3m
3.  There will be a charge of £5 per stall, to be collected on the day.  
4.  All stallholders will require Public Liability Insurance. Send a copy of the front page showing expiry date to a week before the market.
5.  By joining Pokesdown Community Forum for £3 you will be covered by our PL Insurance, which can be paid on the day.
6.  Confirm which method you will be using. You can use both!
7.  Complete and sign the attached risk assessment form on line and return to         

Food Market Only
1.  The same as above including an up to date Hygiene Certificate which must be seen by the Food Team at Bournemouth Council 01202 454876 Tel for details.  Contact the same number for help on how to obtain one. The certificate is free. 

Download - Risk Assessment

Annual General Meeting 30th Jan
The next AGM is on 30th Jan at the MCC. We will be posting news and agendas soon.

Food Waste Recycling - Find Out More (added 3rd Jan)
The new food waste recycling starts this year. More details can be found on the council website. However there will be a number of opportunities to meet the recycling team. They visit Boscombe on 4th Jan 9-4, whilst Pokesdown (Southbourne) library gets a visit on 16th Jan 10am-11am.

Mysterious Tea Shop (added 1st Jan)
The Mysterious Tea Shop in Christchurch Road (up from Gloucester Rd) is moving. The shop belongs to DWP and the whole block is due for demolition. Elaine and others in the same block have decided to move into other premises while there were still shops available.

Elaine will be sharing with another trader close to Pokesdown Station in the new year. In the meantime Elaine is working from home m 07815 131801 

New Tenants For The Seabournes 

The new tenants have taken on The Seabournes, aka The Bell. Mark (the new owner) is keen to work with the community and there is even talk of bringing back the name 'The Bell'! 

Next Forum Meeting 30th Jan (added 27th Dec)

Our next public meeting (AGM) is only just over a month away on 30th January. Please do make every effort to attend when there will be plenty of time to discuss issues of concern. We will also be having a number of short presentations from:-

Chief Insp. Jared Parkin  -  Police 101 Service
Insp. Chris Weeks - Local Policing Issues
Sally Turner -  ReCreate Project
Mandy Payne  -  Bournemouth Chamber of Trade & Commerce
Darryl Smith - South West Trains

The meeting will be held at the Metropolitan Community Church, Hannington Rd and will commence at 7.30. Teas and coffees to be served from 7. 

Weekend Ahead In Pokesdown (added 13th Dec)wessex chorus
Monty’s Lounge will be holding a Christmas Fayre Saturday 14th December from 12-5 whilst Saturday evening sees the Metropolitan Community Church in Hannington Rd host the Pokesdown Christmas Carol Service from 7:30. The Forum will be providing mince pies and a raffle, whilst the fantastic Wessex Chorus will lead the carols. If you haven't heard them before you must come along.

Pokesdown For Pokesdown (added 8th Dec)
If you hadn't heard, there's a fantastic project going on in Pokesdown. Check out Pokesdown for Pokesdown

Christmas Carols in Pokesdown (added Sunday 8th Dec)
Wessex Chorus at the Metropolitan Community Church, Hannington Road, 7.30 pm, Saturday 14th December, including mince pies, mulled wine, tea/coffee, tombola, raffle of home made Christmas Cake.

Latest News Round Up (added 3rd Nov)
I'm sure you will have seen the florist on the corner of Hannington Road has closed, but the good news is that a new shop is already going in. 'Devils in the Detail' - Selling pre loved clothes will open soon. 

The once derelict 889 (next to This is Vintage) will become an art gallery 'Pen & Ink'. Great news for this part of Pokesdown.
'Oscar's Bazaar' are moving into the recently 'to let' unit on the corner of Hannington Place. Finally I'm sure you have seen that the station shop is now occupied. Whilst there is no sign up yet, 'Vintage and Style' is very much open and selling vintage clothes, furniture and accessories. 

877 Up For Sale (added 29th Oct)pokesdown 877
Someone's at last got the message!! 877 corner Christhurch/Rosebery Rd has a Goadsby For Sale board outside. A note of warning to developers though, there will be a tremendous amount of opposition if anyone applies for permission to convert the shop to residential. The shop next door tried and failed, and even with possible changes to planning rules Bournemouth Council will still have the choice of whether to allow a particular shop to become residential. Tel Ben Stanley-Clark 01202 550165 Commercial, or 01202 550000

Bell SeabournesSeabournes Pub - AKA The Bell Is Up For Rent (added 13th Oct)

Fancy taking on one of Pokesdown's biggest opportunities? The Tenancy is now available:

Ignore the spelling mishtakes :-)

Only A Few Days Until Crucial Commons Vote - Shadow Minister Joins Campaign (added 13th Oct)
Civic Voice have been campaigning against Government plans to alter planning rights to allow shop owners to convert to housing without need for planning. This idea which would kill many high streets and only help developers. As a group not aligned to any party we are strongly supportive of any group campaigning against this, and support any poltician who openly says they will vote against this:

And Your High Street Needs You to! Shadow Planning Minister for the Labour Party, Roberta Blackman-Woods MP, has welcomed the Civic Voice campaign opposing the proposal to allow shops to convert to housing without planning permission. Roberta Blackman-Woods MP said “I am strongly of the opinion that change of use class should rest with the local authority and indeed that councils and the communities they represent should have more powers to shape what happens on their high street via the use class system. We applaud Civic Voice for undertaking this campaign.” Civic Voice will be briefing MPs next week on this issue and will be alerting them to the damage that this policy would do if implemented. 175 MPs have been contacted by civic groups across the country on this issue opposing the change, but this is not enough.We need more people to communicate with their MP. Do not assume someone else will contact your MP, your local high street needs you. Contact your MP to stop shops being turned to housing without planning permission

Pokesdown Joins Boscombe Carnival (added 8th Oct)
Sunday 17th November is the Boscombe Carnival.  This is your opportunity to promote your shop, stall, school, church, youth group and at the same time Pokesdown. 

Traders: You don’t need a float, but you could dress in the clothes from your Vintage Shop, lend to others for a few hours, and wear a banner with your shop name printed on it. If you sell furniture why not propel a ‘piece’ in a decorated wheel barrow advertising where it can be bought?  Don’t like that idea, well you think of something then!!!!! Lynn McCarty from The Attic will be after you shortly to join her and friends in showing Boscombe how well Pokesdown is doing, and joining her will be P.C. Forum. 

Pam will be Miss Marple with Insp Poirot in his Vintage Morris. We also hope to have Heike’s drumming group to lead us into Boscombe, Patsy from Dorset Children’s Foundation will be dressing her very large dog as a reindeer and she will be dressed an an elf.  For the first time and at the request of P.C. Forum, the Carnival will be starting from our side of Kings Park at 2.00 p.m from the Car Park at the end of Clarence Park Road, will proceed along Kings Park Drive, turn right into Christchurch Road, past St. James School and Pokesdown Station along Christchurch Road, to Boscombe precinct where prizes will be awarded. Please let if you wish to participate.

Absent Landlords in Pokesdown (added 2nd Oct)
Want to know more about our work on the absent landlords in Pokesdown? We have set up a brief guide on progress so far - absent landlords and derelict shops.

Civic Voice launch campaign to stop developments in our town centres without planning permission (added 27th Sept)

Normally we don't just republish press releases but this could have a huge impact on High Streets like Pokesdown. As we move towards targeting the few remaining empty shops we don't want this to happen. It's very apt following Cllr Beesley's comments at the forum which suggested the council may back this sort of proposal.  

Civic Voice – the national charity for the civic movement with 75,000 members – is today urging individuals and communities across England to contact their local MP to oppose a Government proposal to allow developers to change buildings on our high streets from retail to residential use without requiring planning permission.The proposal, introduced in the consultation “Greater flexibilities for change of use - Consultation” means developers could, for example, convert a shop unit into a residential use without the local community having an opportunity to voice their concerns. Paula Ridley, Chair of Civic Voice said “MPs of all parties must surely see how odd it would be for communities to lose the right to be heard on issues affecting their local high street while the Government champions localism and people having their say. This policy simply rips up all local input, removing people’s right to object to developments that threaten the vitality and character of their local town centre.” Paula Ridley finished by saying, “Everyone wants to see common sense reforms to planning policy so that uncontentious developments get a green light, and planning officers are able to focus on the cases that really matter; but these proposals put everyday England at risk. Please support this civic movement campaign. Numbers count on an issue such as this.” Civic Voice wants community groups to contact their local MP and ask them to oppose this change to the planning system before the consultation closes on October 15. If you support the idea that local people should determine local issues, visit the Civic Voice website today and tell your MP.You can inform your MP of your opposition to this proposal by contacting them on this specially designed letter

Forum Meeting - Rosebery Park Baptist Church This Tuesday From 7pm
The Forum meeting is this Tuesday 24th September at Rosebery Park Baptist Church from 7pm. Everyone is welcome. There is a packed agenda but plenty of opportunity for everyone to get involved. 

The main speaker is the leader of the Council, Cllr John Beesley. I'm sure there will be lots of interest in John being here and his views on Pokesdown. In addition Sarah Speakman-Jones from the council will be along to discuss waste and recycling. Martin from Boscombe Independent Advice Centre will also be along. pokesdown meeting

As usual there will be an opportunity for open questions, and tea and biscuits :)

October Market Cancelled (added 14th Sept)
Message from Pam (market organiser) - Despite calls to both Bournemouth Council and the Marathon organisers, no-one seems to be able to let me know if we will be able to access or leave the green on the 5th October, obviously we don’t all want to arrive and not get access, or worse get on and not be able to get off!! So unfortunately I shall have to cancel the market for Saturday 5th October. I would like to take this opportunity though of thanking you all for making the markets such a success, and thank you all for coming and giving it a go, and weren’t we lucky with the weather.  I think we surprised quite a few sceptics!! 

I will be in touch just as soon as I can to let you know about next year, and will also let you know about the start of our intended food market, and any other events on the green. If you think you would like to be part of the food market, and know of others who might also, please let me know, and don’t forget it will be under cover in our own marquee.

What Alice Found - Opportunity To Sublet (added 10th Sept)
Nikki at the popular boutique is offering a sub-let space opportunity here at the boutique. If you want to be a shop owner, sell your clothing/art/design/craft/vintage this is a fun and affordable way to get started! You'll need to work in here three days a week but rent is negotiable, desk space included. Nikki says that projects keep taking them elsewhere so they need to start sharing the shop in order to keep it running properly for customers.

If you are interested please email

Prime Shop To Rent In Pokesdown (added 4th Sept)
The shop on the corner of Hannington Place, 908 Christchurch Road, is available to rent/lease. I have spoken with Janet who is negotiating on behalf of the owner who is not well. Janet is happy for me to forward on the following details.
Leave a message if there is no answer and Janet will call you back.

The numbers to call are: 01202 421435 or 07540 706 826

Terms are: 5,500 p.a – 2/3 year lease, negotiable!
Small Kitchen, sink, fridge. Cloak Room, toilet. 2 Storage rooms, little & large!

Sorry but I don’t have dimensions of the shop, have been inside though and it is big. Would be suitable for sharing. Janet is leaving the large display cabinets for whoever rents the shop.


Next Forum Meeting 24th Sept (added 1st Sept)
Our next public meeting will take place on Tuesday 24th September at 7.30. The venue will be Rosebery Park Baptist Church. Teas and coffees will be served from 7pm. 

As well as plenty of time being set aside to discuss any issues of concern that you may have we also have 3 short presentations planned from Cllr John Beesley on his work as Leader of Bournemouth Council and the Council's future vision for the Pokesdown area, Sarah Speakman-Jones on the introduction of the Council's new food waste collection service and Martyn Broad from Boscombe Independent Advice Service who will be coming along to detail the excellent work that they do in the local area. One of the local Safer Neighbourhood Team Officers will also be on hand to give us an update on various policing issues.

Application For 9 Flats Turned Down (added 23rd August)
The controversial plan to kncock down a house and replace with 9 flats on Seabourne Road has been rejected. The final decision highlighted the lack of amenity space amongst other factors. "The proposal would therefore result in overdevelopment of the site characterised by the size of the proposed block of flats and the inadequate site area available to provide amenity areas".

Many objections were concerned with the cramming of small falts onto a small site with poor living amenities. It's good that everyone worked together to bring concerns forward. However, we would like to communicate with the developers in the future to consider a more suitable solution on this site.

To see the decision notice view the application

Echo Article on Brothel (added 7th May)
As you probably saw the Echo have published an article on the other 'brothel' in Pokesdown. We're not aware of any specific complaints and the forum weren't aware of this article (nor did we make direct complaint prior to this). If anything happens we will let you know, although do relay any feedback to us. The complaints about the massage parlour were quite different (see our article on the left) but any news we hear we will publish. The highlighting of this does put it into a different light. Any views are more than welcome and we have asked for the Police's view.

Post Office Refit (added 2nd May)
The Post Office can be followed on their feed. During the work there will be limited access but the PO will remain open

CCTV Coming? (added 22nd April)

The Council are to install a permanent CCTV camera in Christchurch Road at the junction with Seabourne Road, outside Pokesdown Station. The cameras will be directed down Seabourne Road and Christchurch Road.  They will be live and monitored 24 hours. The main purpose of the CCTV camera is for traffic monitoring.  However, the Council is also proposing to use it as part of its existing CCTV network to help to prevent crime and disorder and promote public safety. 

Market Organiser Required (added 17th Feb)
Fancy helping to run or help with Pokesdown Community Market? We need a willing volunteer who can help with the regular monthly markets on the green. Most of the groundwork has been done to get these up and running but we need someone to take on the routine booking, checking and communication with stallholders.

Ideally we want someone who can also bring ideas to expand and improve these events, but any level of help is welcome. We have a number of people working on various things for the forum but the success of the forum and this market does require extra help. If you are interested or would like to find out more please contact Pam.


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