Absent Landlords in Pokesdown

absent landlordsOver the last two years the number of empty shops between Parkwood Road and Pokesdown Station has been reduced from fifty to seven. The remaining seven belong to owners who do not wish to rent sell, or make the cost of renovation to the incoming tenant so high no-one can afford to take up their offer!!

Two such shops are 869 & 863, they even have the benefit of small flats. If you would like to contact the owner/agent of these two shops and the other five, email pokesdown.cf@gmail.com for details.

absent landlordsThese 2 shops belong to the same company who own thousands of shops across the country, many in a similar state.

Why does it suit the owners to keep them empty? ask your MP why.

However, there is some good news... After 2 years of many emails, persistence and an Enforcement Order, this lovely original characterful old shop 889 Christchurch Road, is finally being made ready to let, it has two rooms, a large dry basement and rear entrance. The lucky tenant will be next door to the very successful 'This is Vintage' run by Victoria Mixer. Builder has cleaned the windows, polished the letter box and lovely old door handle, it may already be let but...

If you are interested in renting this shop contact Lawrence Simpson 07946 488722 Weekdays.pokesdown shop
pokesdown shop
Civic Voice are campaigning to stop proposals to relax planning laws to allow developers to convert shops to flats. We don't want to see shops turning into flats, especially as there is demand to fill these shops in Pokesdown.

For more information on the Civic Voice plans visit our news page. However, there maybe more to why
these shops are empty. Please contact us if you want to help.


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