Pokesdown For Pokesdown

pokesdown for pokesdownSince October a group of architectural students have integrated themselves into the structure of the Pokesdown community. By engaging with the people that live, work and study here, the issues of concern which impact their lives were all brought to light. The students invited the local community to voice their opinions on the changes that they felt should be made to improve the area. The entire collaboration with residents has lead to a series of proposals for the regeneration of Pokesdown to begin. The community forum sought to define a presence within the community by placing themselves physically in the streets to engage passers by in conversation and to help along the research process.   

The three students focusing on the project are all interested in redefining Pokesdown through separate research projects which will all come together to form one proposal for the regeneration of Pokesdown. Each student has presented their work in a temporary exhibition, open until enough information is gathered to properly understand what is required in the community, the idea is are to communicate proposals before these potential changes will actually happen. The shop itself is located at the train station, Pokesdown for Pokesdown, and inside is the presentation of all of the ideas so far. The students invite you to visit and to voice your opinions; finding a voice for your local neighborhood or addressing a concern that is completely personal to you.


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