752 - 779 Christchurch Road

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As of March 2015 demolition begins on the whole block. This collection of houses will make way for a 4 storey block of 51 flats and 8 shops for Dave Wells. 

Initially it was strongly opposed and only received permission on appeal. It is always a shame to see old buildings go when these could have been renovated. It is also a shame to see a number of well liked traders move on because of this, but with the new units we hope to see the retail side thrive. 

The lack of parking and general bulk of the new building will probably be controversial for sometime, but as demolition and building progresses we will update you. 

pokesdown dwp development
Victorian roof slates being removed for re-use. 

They can fetch up to £8 each sold privately but DWP probably keeps them for repairs. Fay Symes

pokesdown development

Through the window of what was the artist cafe  (the red ghost
discovered later is reflection of lady on opposite side of road) - Fay Symes

dwp pokesdowndwp pokesdown

The roof about to go - Ben Smith Shops before demolition - Ben Smith

Pokesdown  pokesdown poster

The petrol tanks from when the old car showroom many years ago had its own garage. Fay Symes

pokesdown  pokesdown

Clearance is slower than they hoped because there was so much wood. Their normal disposal place wouldn't take any more and
they have to find somewhere else. Fay Symes

dwp devlopmentdwp

    Almost gone - Ben Smith   Last house standing - Ben Smith

dwp pokesdown
From Christchurch Rd - Fay Symes From Christchurch Rd - Fay Symes

From Wolverton Rd - Fay Symes Cleared and fence panels being finished - Fay Symes

So what will the new building look like? The following drawings are from the planning application:

dwp pokesdown


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